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Damien Jurado shares Visions of Us on the Land's tunes with a hometown crowd.

Tue, May 10 
The Round: Porter Ray, Jenn Champion, and Sisters
Fremont Abbey's monthly Round series heads to Ballard Homestead for a casual evening of artistic crossover. The stacked musical lineup features Sub Pop rapper Porter Ray, bubbly pop rock duo Sisters, and Jenn Champion of S playing solo. They'll join spoken word poet Shelby Handler and painter Jana Gering to take turns fostering an artistic flow. Patrons are invited to pick up dinner and/or arrive early to play games to further the feeling of a laid back communal gathering. Ballard Homestead, $8–$10

Thur, May 12 
Damien Jurado
After four years, Damien Jurado finally finds an end point to his psychospiritual journey through the fictional land of Maraqopa with Visions of Us on the Land. The record concludes a trippy trilogy of Richard Swift–produced albums that saw the Seattle singer-songwriter expand his subtle sound into vast, untamed psychedelic landscapes. Seeing Jurado premiere new tunes in front of a hometown audience never disappoints. Neptune Theatre, $17–$19

Thur, May 12
The Thermals
Melodic punk doesn’t get better than Portland trio the Thermals. In 14 years of balancing furiousness and pop hooks, the group has yet to release a subpar album. On its new Chris Walla–produced LP We Disappear, the Thermals rage against the interplay of technology, love, and death. The show should be a riotously good time, thanks to tremendous opening support from Wimps and Dude York. Neumos, $15

May 12–15
Translations Film Festival
Trans issues finally started receiving national attention in the past couple years, but the trans community’s voice still lacks large-scale amplification. Since 2006, Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s Translations Film Festival has done its part by giving a platform to transgender cinematic stories made by transgender people (side eye: The Danish Girl). Want to understand a community better? Experience its art. SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Free–$12

Sat, May 14
Karl Blau
It’s hard to find a more eclectic musician than Anacortes indie stalwart Karl Blau. The man’s put out over 40 albums in the past 20 years and never stays tethered to one genre for long. On his new album Introducing Karl Blau, he offers up his interpretation on country music by covering Nashville country hits from the 1960s and ’70s. If the vapidity and sheen of modern pop country drives you insane, give Blau a chance. Vera Project, $8–$10

May 15–17
Rory Scovel
Unpredictability is a key weapon in Rory Scovel’s comedic arsenal. In his Conan appearances alone he’s done standup traditionally, as a character with a rural accent, as a lounge singer, as a dual act with Jon Dore (with each speaking their set over one another), and replaced joke telling with a bit involving a plant audience participation. Who knows what to expect during his largely improved standup show entitled Rory Scovel Attempts Stand-up Comedy? Not us. But we’re ready to laugh regardless. The Rendezvous, $10

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