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Cheap Week: May 31–June 5

Cherdonna Shinatra gets outlandish at Velocity, Chastity Belt returns from Europe, and comedy meets food meets hip-hop at Lovecitylove.

By Kyle Kuhn Edited by Seth Sommerfeld May 31, 2016

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Cherdonna Shinatra brings her latest one-of-a-kind drag dance show to Velocity.

Tue, May 31
Richmond, California native and HBK Gang group member Iamsu! (Sudan Ameer Williams) hasn't exactly made it big yet, but you've probably still heard him. He's been featured in songs by E-40, Wiz Khalifa, and Sage the Gemini. It's only been about two years since his solo career began, but given the popularity of HBK, it's not like he was starting from scratch. Iamsu! has a very west coast sound reminiscent of G-funk and a voice that sounds a little like Drake, all mixed with classic hip-hop lyrics. Nuemos, $20

Thur, June 2
Chastity Belt, Posse, and Mommy Long Legs
After returning from another European last week, Chastity Belt gets back in front of a hometown audience. The band has recently been testing out new material at its live shows, so fans of mid-tempo slow burns can get a preview of Time to Go Home’s sequel before the band returns to the studio. This night at the Nectar features a stacked local lineup that includes the rarely gigging (but excellent) Posse, the deliciously cartoonish ferocity of Mommy Long Legs, Hoop’s light indie pop. Nectar Lounge, $13

June 2–10
Cherdonna Shinatra: Clock That Mug or Dusted
When Jody Kuehner throws on a wig, slips into a lavishly colorful outfit, and cakes on her clownish makeup to become the outlandish drag dance diva Cherdonna Shinatra, it’s the closest thing Seattle has to a superhero transformation (sorry, Phoenix Jones). In her new Clock That Mug or Dusted, the latest entry in Velocity Dance’s Made in Seattle series, Shinatra pays homage to feminist performance artists through her signature awkward, spastic, and entirely captivating movements. Velocity Dance Center, $20–$25

Fri, June 3
Iska Dhaaf: The Wanting Creature Release Show
Coming off a blister set at Sasquatch! Festival last weekend, Seattle/Brooklyn indie rock act Iska Dhaaf shows off its new album The Wanting Creature, a followup to Even the Sun Will Burn, a Seattle Met Album of the Month. While the core duo of Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes remains in tact, the live band has expanded to a four piece, allowing the band to fully convey the electronic flairs and the swirling darkness at the core of the new record. Warning: If you stand up front, Quiroga might hop down to your level to howl a song or two. Champagne Champagne and Wampire help round out the evening's album release festivities at the Croc. The Crocodile, $10

Sat, June 4
Bad Jokes
Seattle’s hip-hop, food, and comedy worlds combine in a beautiful mess for Bad Jokes. The event features comedy from local standouts Elicia Sanchez, Wilfred Padua, and Andy Hayes, Filipino bites from Food and Shit (the culinary popup by Geo from Blue Scholars), and tunes spun by DJ duo Bad Rap. Think of it as a tasty and cheap combo platter that’s well worth sampling. Lovecitylove, $5

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