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Breaking Down the Xs and Os of Russell Wilson's New Fashion Line

Fresh threads or wack ensembles?

By Seth Sommerfeld April 29, 2016 Published in the May 2016 issue of Seattle Met

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Courtesy Good Man Brand

Few players can match Russell Wilson’s on-field elegance and Super Bowl–caliber style of play. But the Hawks QB also fancies himself a dashing gent off the gridiron. In February, Wilson and Nordstrom launched his new casual men’s fashion line Good Man Brand. (Because of course that’s what he’d name it.) Built around the Russtastic motto #LeadInspireLive, the clothes are designed to meet the needs of upstanding stylish young men. But just like in football, only the results matter: Are these fresh threads or wack ensembles?

1. Navy Blue Color Block Polo

Nearly as nifty as Wilson’s scrambling skills, this polo pairs the ruthless simplicity of Michael Bennett’s bull rush with a Tyler Lockett–like sleekness. However, the shirt’s contrasting-color collar (the classic rich-guy style of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft) undermines Good Man Brand’s attempt at casualness. (Care label note: Recovery Water wash only.) $128

2. Gray Honeycomb Trim-Fit Blazer

We’ll call this outfit Seattle Winter Skies (gray for days), and it proves to be the sharpest in the bunch. The subtle palette allows the wearer to go unnoticed if wanted, which is useful for blending into nothingness when pass rushers break through your porous O-line. Credit to the stylists for making Rafi from The League look so dapper. (Not pictured: The Good Man Brand chastity belt. Temptations are real. Don’t leave home without it!) $298

3. Red Varsity Crewneck Sweatshirt

Ever a student of the game, Wilson designed the stitching below the neck of this crimson pullover as an homage to his favorite Doug Baldwin/Jermaine Kearse crossing pattern. And just like Wilson does with his wideouts, these duds can make you look way better than you actually are. Who are we kidding, it’s a plain red sweatshirt. To paraphrase Wilson’s close personal friend Macklemore, “One hundred twenty eight dollars for a sweatshirt? That’s some ignorant...” $128

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