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On March 31, the quartet heads to Chop Suey to release its new Erik Blood–produced album, Lost Time. Allow our resident Tacocat scholar to prep you for the experience. 

1. Enthusiastic Kids

There aren’t nearly enough all-ages shows in Seattle. To help, Tacocat doubles up on the 31st with an early record release gig that’s open to everyone; the nightcap will be 21 plus. 

2A Visit from Aunt Flo

Considering the group’s biggest song, “Crimson Wave,” is all about “that time of the month,” it’s not surprising that another period song pops up on Lost Time. Unlike its blissful predecessor, “FDP” (First Day Period) has a Don’t cross me, I’m in no mood punk vibe. 

3. Equestrian Majesty

Who has time to riot when there are so many stallions’ manes to pet? The young ladies that always asked for a pony for Christmas get their anthem with “Horse Grrls.” Tina Belcher would approve.

4. Rock Lobster Crab

Tacocat made waves with people dancing in crab and shark costumes for the “Crimson Wave” music video well before Katy Perry’s infamous left shark. You can always count on one of the band’s compadres donning the crab outfit when the tune’s played live.

5. Musings on The New Yorker

Inspired by last year’s much discussed Seattle earthquake article “The Really Big One,” the song “I Love Seattle” embraces looking past the doomsday predictions: “Oo-oo-oo beautiful Seattle, oo-oo-oo fall into the sea / Earthquakes, tsunami, there’s still no place I’d rather be.”

6The Truth (It’s Out There)

Don’t be as skeptical as the song’s name-sake; Lost Time really does open with a tribute to The X-Files heroine in “Dana Katherine Scully.”

7Fierce Feminism

Singer Emily Nokes vocally conveys eye rolls when faced with the frustrations of being female on new tunes like “Men Explain Things to Me” and “Plan A, Plan B.”

8. Ideal Instagramming

The immensely popular photo booth from the group’s NVM release show returns. Plus, Tacocat’s colorful fashion always makes for great action shots.

9Sugar Rush

It wouldn’t be a true Tacocat bash without some sweets. Expect the candy stoners to bring piñatas packed with sugary midset pick-me-ups.

10. Miley Dance Party?

No guarantee, but an after-set dance jam to Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the U.S.A.” has transpired at more than a few Tacocat shows.

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