A new Northwest champion was crowned in Las Vegas on Saturday Night. Tacoma's own Miesha Tate scored a shocking upset over the previously undefeated Holly Holm to win UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship. The Franklin Pierce High grad (nicknamed "Cupcake") was the aggressor all fight, and finally took down Holm in the fifth and final round with a rear naked choke. Tate applied the submission move while straddling Holm's back against the octagon's cage, and somehow managed to hold on and lock it in even tighter after Holm tried a desperation front flip in hopes of dislodging her opponent. The victory gives Tate her first UFC title after previously holding the belt in the now defunct Strikeforce organization.

Next up for the new hometown champion? Likely another fight with  the sport's most popular woman, Ronda Rousey. And there's more than a little history there. The duo squared off twice already (in 2012 and 2013), and their rivalry essentially put women's mixed martial arts on the map and led to the creation of UFC's women's division. Rousey won the prior two meetings against Tate (nearly breaking Tate's arm in the first match and refusing to shake post-fight in the other), but was pummeled in her most recent match... a title defeat again Holm. Here's hoping third time's the charm for Tate.


In last weekend's overall underwhelming episode of Saturday Night Live, Jay Pharoah stole the show by doing what he does best—impressions. Instead of his superb Denzel Washington, Obama, or pretty much any rapper, the master mimic turned his attention to his fellow black comedians. As part of Weekend Update, Pharoah acted out all the parts in an alleged Hollywood meeting of black comedians to defuse tensions between Kevin Hart and Katt Williams. Each impression precisely hit the mark (his Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy were perfect), but please take time to appreciate his Hannibal Buress, because it requires way more subtlety and no one does a Hannibal Buress impression.


These are good tweets, y’all...


Unnecessary Buzzfeed nostalgia dream come to life Fuller House, a sequel to the '80s–'90s sitcom Full House, arrived on Netflix at the end of February. To promote the "new" series (which has already been picked up for a second season), stars Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier visited The Late Show and shared an edgier spinoff called Full House Nights, where their characters play gritty detectives. The trio interrogated an international drug kingpin (played by Stephen Colbert), and cheesy mayhem ensued.