Before last night's Academy Awards ceremony, many questioned how the show's host Chris Rock would address the lack of black representation among the nominees. The answer? With unrelenting comedic fury. Almost every joke (outside of the Girl Scout cookie bit) focused on the lack of diversity from the very moment Rock began his opening monologue.

Another highlight came during a package where black comedians (Rock, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, Whoppie Goldberg) were digitally added to some of this year's nominees.

And though brief, perhaps the funniest joke of the night came via video of Angela Bassett pulling the swerve in a segment about Black History Month.

For good measure, here are a couple of the night's best tweets...


A lot of fantastic rock bands announced albums by releasing new singles last week. Let's attack 'em in a rapid fire manner.

"No Grace" by Paws from the upcoming album No Grace (out June 17).

"Signal Drift by Aloha from the upcoming album Little Windows Cut Right Through (out May 6).

"Go Home" by Summer Cannibals from Full of It (out May 27).



Unlike most politically minded comedy, Last Week Tonight has ignored the majority of Donald Trump's presidential campaign... until last night. As the show's main story, John Oliver spends over 20 minutes talking about Trump and the following related subjects: short fingers, gold Sharpies, mortgage branding, a lemur's thoughts about the Supreme Court, and more.


The '90s Seattle rock scene lost an adored member of its community on Saturday when Hammerbox bassist James Atkins died on Saturday at the age of 49. Atkins had been battling esophageal cancer. According to a press release reported by Pitchfork, Atkins died "surrounded by friends and his favorite music, including AC/DC, Motörhead, Soul Asylum, and the Replacements." Rock forever, James.

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