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The always colorful Tacocat returns.


Do you have a hole in your heart that only songs about Dana Scully, Plan B, and horse girls can fill? Well you're in luck: Tacocat is back. On April 1, the group will release the Erik Blood-produced Lost Time. Last Tuesday, Tacocat offered the first taste of the new tuneage with the blissfully contrarian single "I Hate the Weekend." While the instrumentals are sunny as ever, the song finds Emily Nokes railing against the people who party too belligerently hard on the weekends and ruin things for everyone else. You can pick up a copy of Lost Time when the Tacocat heads to Chop Suey on March 31 for a record release show (or you can just preorder it now).


In other new local music news, singer-songwriter Kris Orlowski dropped "Walking in My Sleep," the first single from his upcoming album Often in the Pause. The new track begins with distorted dark pulsations of noise before segueing to Orlowski's more familiar warm, fleshed out rock sound.  Walking in the Pause comes out on April 22 and is currently available for preorder.


As a cast member on The Walking Dead, Ross Marquand (who plays Aaron) is constantly in jeopardy of being out a job if the writers decided the zombies need a snack. While that may be a stressful gig, it's clear Marquand has a sharp sense of humor to keep things loose. In a video for Vanity Fair, the actor showed off his knack for mimicry by cranking out 17 impressions in just about two minutes. The specificity of these nano-impressions (Antonio Banderas forgets his password, Jason Statham gets a charlie horse, ect.) makes each one equally brilliant and hilarious.


In a post-MTV era, truly amazing music videos are hard to come by. Sure, there are still plenty that are fun and fit the song, but artistic triumphs of the medium are increasingly rare. The new music video for Swedish indie pop group Miike Snow's "Genghis Kahn" is a masterpiece. The clip centers around a James Bond-esque situation: an evil super villain has a dapper spy strapped to a table with a deadly laser at the ready. Then the dancing begins. I'll say no more, because it's a marvel to behold with fresh eyes. (Oh, and the song's killer too.)


Continuing a bummer string of celebrity deaths, beloved actor Alan Rickman passed away last Thursday at the age of 69. Best known for his roles as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and the evil Hans Gruber in Die Hard, he had a knack for lending a certain charmingly exasperated gravitas to every role he played (even in the comedies like Galaxy Quest and Dogma). As a tribute, CNN compiled a nice little YouTube compilation of Rickman's most famous cinematic roles.

And to not end on a totally down note, here's an old Family Guy bit about Rickman. It remains one of the show's funniest moments.

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