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Cheap Week: November 30–December 6

You can put the tree up next week–instead check out a seasonal comedy series, a new way to experience The Birds, and a different perspective on human skin.

Edited by Seth Sommerfeld By Joanna Sappenfield November 30, 2015

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Start December with a trip to Platform Gallery to see Ariana Page Russell's Interior Optics.

Ariana Page Russell, Ruby, 2015, archival pigment print, 30 x 21.25 in.

Thru Dec 12
Ariana Page Russell: Interior Optics
Everyone has their muse. For artist Ariana Page Russell, it's human skin. With Interior Optics she uses a photographic process which mimics scientific optical instruments to look at how skin reflects and refracts light, similar to a prism. The surface of the skin is highlighted, allowing the viewer to see the the vibrant, colorful topography that exists in layers of skin, hairs, follicles, and glands. Platform Gallery, Free

Thur, Dec 3
Every Little Counts: The Music of New Order
After rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Joy Division, New Order paved the way for an entire aesthetic by mixing post-punk with the emerging electronic dance music of the 1980s.  Local artists including FM Collective, Fly Moon Royalty, Motopony’s Daniel Blue, and Cataldo’s Eric Anderson come together to cover classics from the new wave pioneers and raise money for the musician-supporting nonprofit MusiCares. Neumos, $12

Thur, Dec 3
Puget Soundtrack: Madeleine Cocolas Presents 'The Birds'
Prepare to experience Hitchcock like you’ve never seen and more importantly heard before as Seattle-based ambient composer Madeleine Cocolas live scores the cinematic classic The Birds for Northwest Film Forum’s Puget Soundtrack series. The original version of the film has no score at all, so Cocolas’s synth-heavy electronic sounds, which manage to be serenely tense, sonically recasts the avian terror in whole new modern light. Northwest Film Forum, $15

Dec 3–20
Ham for the Holidays: Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham? 
When December rolls around, it's time for Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt to ham it up. The Seattle comedy duo returns for another edition of its irreverent, musical, and satirical seasonal comedy showcase Ham for the Holidays. With characters like the Spudds (Koch and Platt's dysfunctional mother-daughter country duo), the show offers a festive fun counter to some of the more traditional holiday fare.  ACT Theater, $20–$42

Thru Jan 24
Pae White: Command-Shift-4
Drawing inspiration from the artistic qualities of architectural design, Los Angeles–based artist Pae White transforms one of Henry’s galleries into a mind- bending matrix of colored-yarn shapes that extend from the walls to the floor with Command-Shift-4. Visitors’ perception of the work changes as they move about the installation, giving the piece a disorienting sense of spatiality. Henry Art Gallery, $10

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