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Cheap Week: August 10–16

This week is one of food trucks, comics, and '60s soul. What's not to love?

By Kelsey Sipple August 10, 2015

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Spend the weekend Pac-Man-ing your way through a near-endless line of food trucks at the Seattle Street Food Festival.

Tue, Aug 11
Out to Lunch Concerts Presents: Fly Moon Royalty
Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty is the master of making something beautiful out of would-be contradictions. The duo of powerful vocalist Adra Boo and producer/MC Action J mixes blesey soul vibes with the contemporary sounds hip-hop and electric funk to create something equally eccentric and catchy. Take an extended mid-day break to catch the group's free Out to Lunch performance. Union Bank, Free

Thur, Aug 13
Seattle Outdoor Movies: Up
If you’re into crying uncontrollably in public while surrounded by strangers, good news! Magnuson Park screens the Pixar favorite Up. If the movie’s heartwrenching opening montage showing Carl and Ellie’s relationship doesn’t make you well up, you may not have a soul. Take a date to show off your sensitive side. Magnuson Park, $5

Fri, Aug 14
Comic Life
Fringe art gallery Push/Pull celebrates the local comic art scene with Comic Life, featuring work by over 20 Seattle artists. Each creator brings their own unique style and storytelling technique to the medium, making for a rich artistic palatez. Push/Pull Studio & Gallery, Free

Aug 14–16
Seattle Street Food Festival
Street food has moved past the point of being trendy and transitioned into just another part of urban life. Still, it’s hard not to be excited when all of the city’s best food trucks and street vendors congregate for the Seattle Street Food Festival, which moves this year from Cal Anderson Park to South Lake Union. South Lake Union, Free

Sat, Aug 15
Light in the Attic Summer Spectacular

Reisssue record label Light in the Attic has an ear for timeless sounds. For its second annual Summer Spectacular, LitA brings in two impressive headliners: ‘60s blues and soul legend Barbara Lynn (of “You’ll Lose A Good Thing” fame) and acclaimed Canadian Inuit singer-songwriter Willie Thrasher. Besides live music, the night will also feature plenty of food trucks and new and used vinyl for sale. Light in the Attic Records, Free

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