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While it's not as effective as a new air conditioning unit, we're hoping Seattle Met Mixtape 5 will add a little coolness to your summer. The free compilation includes some of our favorite new local music from the first half of 2015. We even created Spotify playlists of all the Seattle Met Mixtapes for you streaming addicts.

The mixtape's fifth edition features the most buzzed about band in town (aka Chastity Belt), Rocky Votoloato's veteran singer-songwriter chops, and the last three Album of the Month acts: Iji, OCnotes, and St. Kilda. There's also fresh hip-hop from Brothers from Another, dirty hard rocking courtesy Fox and the Law and the Grizzled Mighty, folk guitar plucking by Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles, delightfully messy pop punk via Sad Sick World, and sweeping violin pop from Led to Sea.

If you like these tunes, please follow the links, buy the albums, and support local music.

Click here to download Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 5.

Track listing:

1. “Funk With Us” by Brothers From Another from This Summer (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

2. “Bound 2 Glory” by Iji from Whatever Will Happen (Facebook, Twitter)

3. “Holy Rollers” by Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles from Oh Man, Cover the Ground (Official website)

4. “The Fall” by OCnotes from Color Wheel (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

5. “Erosion” by St. Kilda from St. Kilda (Facebook)

6. “Sawdust & Shavings” by Rocky Votolato from Hospital Handshakes (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

7. “On the Shore” by Sick Sad World from Fear and Lies (Facebook)

8. “Well Run Dry” by the Grizzled Mighty from Closed Knuckle Jaw (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

9. “The Trouble With the Gods” by Fox and the Law from The Trouble With People (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

10. “Facing South” by Led to Sea from The Beautiful Humming of Ms. Fortune (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

11. “Time to Go Home” by Chastity Belt from Time to Go Home (Facebook, Twitter)

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