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Capitol Hill Block Party 2015 Itinerary

We plan out your CHBP weekend for you.

By Seth Sommerfeld July 22, 2015

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Navigating music festivals can be a tricky proposition because of the freedom they offer. Having too many choices regarding which acts to see and what to do can lead to parallelization via indecision. In an attempt to alleviate that pressure, here's a detailed potential itinerary for Capitol Hill Block Party 2015. Use it how you see fit.


4:00 - Regret not being able to catch the entrancingly dark electro-pop of Seattle's Crater, but it's 4pm on a Friday and you're still at work.

- Arrive in time to catch most of Shabazz Palaces set on the main stage. Realize that this spacey hip-hop is the perfect weirdo tone-setter for the weekend of music ahead.

- Spend 20 minutes walking the grounds to familiarize yourself with stage placement and figuring out the best places to grab a drink.

- Wander down to the main stage to take in a little Kiwi synth pop from brother/sister duo Broods. On the New Zealand musical scale that stretches from Lorde to Flight of the Conchords, the group most certainly leads more towards the former.

- Wait in line for a slice of pizza at Big Mario's.

- Let your downbeat dance flag fly as Jamie XX plays music from his new critically-adored EDM record, In Colour.

- Leave Jamie XX early in order to catch the tail end of Protomartyr's raw, rocking set.

- Hunker down at the main stage for a night of indie rock stalwarts: Built to Spill and TV on the Radio.

- Remember how Built to Spill oddly has some jam band-esque qualities to their live show.


2:15 - Start things off with summery vibes courtesy of the Physics' laid back hip-hop.

3:10 - Wander down to the Cha Cha for a drink.

3:12 - Suddenly recall that the Cha Cha is the worst.

3:30 - Witness Unknown Mortal Orchestra's psychedelic bent as the group plays songs from Multi-Love.

5:00 - Find dinner. Maybe the food trucks?

6:00 - Sway slowly along as Girlpool's sweet songs of melancholy wash over the Vera stage crowd.

6:45 - Venture down to Barboza for some trippy shoegaze courtesy of Vinyl Williams.

7:30 - Saunter to the main stage for Baltimore duo Wye Oak, which successfully made the transition from folk act to a more synth-infused outfit with 2014's Shriek.

9:00 - Celebrate the release of Brothers From Another's new LP This Summer when the local hip-hop youngsters take the Neumos stage.

9:45 - Allow yourself one mosh pit moment for the weekend when the women of the Coathangers bring their wonderfully ratty punk to CHBP.

11:00 - Flip a coin. Heads: Embrace the night's darkness with the moody rock of the Kills. Tails: Dance the night away to the electronic sounds of Com Truise.


4:15 - Roll in late to see the start of Summer Cannibals' set, because who doesn't like rock bands that release Twilight Zone music videos?

- Pay your respects to riot grrrl legend Kathleen Hanna by watching the entirety of the Julie Run's performance.

- Duck into Neumos for a few minutes of Porter Ray. Hopefully the MC will share some tunes from his eventual Sub Pop debut album.

- Head to the Vera stage to soak in Chastity Belt's mid-tempo rock tunes. After all, what would Block Party be without the quintessential Capitol Hill band of the moment?

- Grab a caffeinated beverage at Cafe Vita to give you the last burst of energy needed to make it through the fest.

- Catch the can't-miss set of the weekend as Father John Misty swaggers his way through songs from his superb sophomore album, I Love You, Honeybear.

7:20 - Take a picture of Father John Misty's neon "No Photography" sign and post it to Instagram because we are all in the inescapable quicksand of self-parody at this point.

- Gauge how much fuel you have left in the tank and whether it's worth sticking around any longer for Ratatat or the Red Bull Sound Select showcase at Neumos. Regardless of your choice, you've survived the weekend. Congrats.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2015
July 24–26, Capitol Hill, $50; festival pass $125–$250

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