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Illustrations by Charlie Powell

Jay and Maureen Neitz

The husband-and-wife research team from the UW have developed a treatment that may cure color blindness. They celebrated the discovery by painting the town red.

Eddie Izzard

The UK’s most well-groomed (and well-makeupped) comedian brings his Force Majeure tour to Seattle. There will be blush. (Paramount Theatre, June 25 & 26)

Salamata Sylla

The state Department of Labor tried to shut down Sylla’s hair-braiding salon if she wouldn’t get a cosmetology degree, but she sued and won. In other words, the DOL got it twisted.

Tadashi Yanai

The only ones smiling wider than the Uniqlo CEO are Seattle acolytes of the fast--fashion chain, which recently announced plans for an Eastside location. Seriously, people are freaking out.

Amy Funchess

After getting surprised with massive toll bills on the 520 bridge the attorney has filed a class-action suit against the Department of Transportation. The case is good to go…to court.

Dick Cantwell

Elysian’s cofounder quit to protest the local craft brewer’s acquisition by Anheuser-Busch last winter. We’d pour one out for him if we hadn’t already poured out everything for Elysian.