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Let A Tribe Called Red introduce you to powwow-step at Neumos.

Mon, June 22
Seattle Fiction Federation No. 4
"When reality just isn't enough" the Seattle Fiction Federation has your back. Swing by the Hugo House for its fourth segment of this escapist series; where panels of local writers and authors read their fiction. Between readings, members of the public will have five minutes to showcase their own fiction, culminating in an audience vote on which open mic participate will be featured during the next chapter of the series. Monday’s readers are Sheldon Costa, Ian Denning, Jenny Hayes, and Kristen Millares Young. Hugo House, Free

Tue, June 23
A Tribe Called Red
Welcome to "powwow-step" and A Tribe Called Red: a group that blends of the modern throb of EDM with the drums and vocals of indigenous peoples' powwows. While the concept may initially sound like a mashup that violates the sanctity of the powwow, the tracks created by the three person crew of the Ottawa-based First Nations DJs are a powerful cross-generational celebration and continuation of North American indigenous culture and pride. Their music provides a form of resistance to native peoples' historic oppression in of itself. With contemporary samples (such as audio from dash cam footage of the Seattle Police Department shooting of John T. Williams), ground-shaking electronic beats, and the sounds of the traditional powwow, the result can send shivers up your spine. Neumos, $15

Thur, June 25
Noise Yoga: FHTAGN
Frye Art Museum's Noise Yoga series combines yoga with live music, and the latest installment features local experimental sound ensemble FHTAGN. The collective's sound employs horns, strings, electric guitar, and God knows what else to construct a deafening, stimulating, anti-social, and at times terror-inducing racket. The band's name is a sure reference to H.P. Lovecraft's famed space-octopus god Cthulhu, and, fittingly, listening to FHTAGN will instantly have you picturing Cthulhu rapidly descending upon you amidst a violent thunderstorm, with his bat-like wings stretched wide, eyes gleaming bright with sick delight, and tentacles eagerly probing the air for you: the defenseless and petrified prey that you are. So yeah... stretch to that. Frye Art Museum, $15

Thur, June 25
Jen Kirkman
In the male-dominated comedy world, women's insecurities can often be the butt of misogynistic jokes. But comedian Jen Kirkman won't take any guff. Passionate and unabashedly 40, she turns her own age and missteps over those years (from getting divorced to a fling with a 20-year-old drummer) into honest, rib-cracking material that pointedly slices apart societal pressures placed on women. She finds contentment in carving her on path and reaffirms that it's okay to toss away others' expectations (you hear that, judgmental married couples?). Vera Project, $16

Fri, June 26
Gay as Fuck
Fundraise with fun filthiness! Kickoff Pride Weekend with Gay as Fuck: a night of sexy men, go-go dancers, and music pumping into the wee hours of the morning from special guest DJ drag queen ChiChi LaRue. Half of all the ticket proceeds go to the The Kill Meth Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to assisting addicts and families impacted by crystal meth. The Unicorn, $10

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