WATCH + LAUGH The best part about Louis C.K. hosting Saturday Night Live is that the opening monologue becomes a de facto platform for his standup comedy. For last weekend's SNL season finale, he pushed the boundaries of what can actually be said on network television with a bit about the changes he's seen in the world as a child of the '70s. Topics include racism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and child molesters. Strap in.

High Flying Despite what logic might suggest, the best dunkers in the world aren't found in the NBA. Professional dunkers like Jordan Kilganon make basketball careers out of only ridiculous hops and creative flair. Kilganon showed exactly why people will show up just to watch him throw down when he posted a video of his new dunk entitled "Lost and Found." If this were executed in an NBA Slam Dunk Contest, it would break Twitter for a solid 24 to 48 hours.

Strong Point The Internet's recent fascination with the "dad bod" (a male physique that splits the difference between being in shape and beer belly) leaves us asking one very real, serious question...

Swagger Personified When most guys get hit by a pitch, they wince, give a quick look out to the pitcher to gauge any intent, and trot on down to first base. Arizona State's Johnny Sewald isn't most guys. When plunked by Washington State pitcher Layne Bruner on Saturday night, Sewald somehow managed to catch the ball with his elbow and contemptuously tossed it back to Bruner. The fact that the announcer sold it in a way that's part Ric Flair and part bro machismo only makes it that much more amusing.

Comedy + Heart There are very rarely must-see standup appearances on late-night talk shows, but Norm Macdonald's appearance on The Late Show last Friday certainly qualifies. Not only do Macdonald's jokes absolutely kill (especially the bit about Germany), but he ends the set near tears after talking about David Letterman's impact on his comedy and then retelling his favorite Letterman joke. It's the most touching tribute to the talk show host to date because of the pure sincerity, hilarity, and unbridled emotion on display. The final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman airs this Wednesday, May 20.