A Dropped Beat Unlike any Other The Masters is timeless, beautiful, majestic...and unequivocally the most pretentious and sanctimonious event on the sports calendar. While Jordan Spieth took home the green jacket this weekend by tying Tiger Woods's all-time scoring record at the tournament (–18), the best moment of Masters week came on Thursday via Memphis-based sports radio program The Chris Vernon Show. The hosts put the gaudiness and self-importance of golf's grandest event on blast by contrasting the stirring string arrangements and heartstring-pulling whispering that's become the broadcast's signature with the same info yelled over blaring hip-hop beats. It's as good as meta-sports commentary gets. 

WATCH + LAUGH Do you like your comedy thoughtful and curmudgeonly or loose and silly? If you fall firmly into the former category, you probably love Louis C.K. and might not be Jimmy Fallon's biggest fan. In which case, this video of Louis C.K. telling the story of how he fought hard to not cast a young Fallon on The Dana Carvey Show hits a the comedic sweet spot. (Side note: The best show on TV came back last week! No, not Game of Thrones, nerds. I'm talking about Louie.)

Brotastic Oh no. It happened. The perfect storm of musican, movie, actor, and football team finally came together. Ladies and gentlemen, take shelter. We've reached peak douche.

Listen If you've liked almost any indie rock band to emerge from the Northwest over the past decade and a half, you (knowingly or unknowingly) basically like Built to Spill by association. On a recent Nerdist podcast, Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard even confessed to feeling guilty for how much he has copped from Built to Spill's Doug Martsch. Show the godfathers of that specific Northwest sound some love by listening to an early album stream of Untethered Mind, Built to Spill's first album in six years, over at npr.com. The album arrives on April 24, and the band heads to Seattle on July 24 for Capitol Hill Block Party.

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