Louis C. K. at the Paramount

We’re in the presence of a comedy master. And middle-age malaise.

By Laura Dannen November 28, 2012 Published in the December 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Having reached a new level of success thanks to his hit show Louie, Louis C.K. comes to town for four sold out stand-up shows.

There’s a lot of love going around for Louis C. K.’s FX show Louie, an Emmy-winning black comedy written, produced, starring, and often edited by the balding yeoman. But peddling middle-age malaise on TV is just Louie C. K.’s other job. He’s widely considered the best stand-up comic going—and one of few people who can sell out four shows at the Paramount.

Louis C.K. Live at the Paramount Dec 20 & 21 at 7 & 10, sold out, Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St, 877-784-4849;

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