Trace Elements 1 (2000) is one of many repurposed metal works by Brevick premiering at the BAM's latest exhibit, This Infinity Fits in My Hand.

Apr 16–18 
Moshe Kasher
Moshe Kasher’s comedy mixes equal parts vicious snark and flamboyant flair. He is just as effective eviscerating condescending critics (like a Fox News anchor who complained after Kasher performed at a university event her daughter attended) as he is when throwing out cheeky one-liners on @Midnight. That’s what we call well rounded. Laughs Comedy Spot, $15

Fri, Apr 17
EMP Pop Conference: Tacocat, Chastity Belt, S, and Childbirth
The theme of this year's EMP Pop Conference is "Get Ur Freak On: Music, Weirdness, and Transgression." So it only made sense for the organizers to turn to the roster of Seattle's Hardly Art Records in order to put together a killer concert for and by weirdos. Sing along with Tacocat's playful feminist anthems, embrace apathetic promiscuity with Chastity Belt, and cry dance to S. Experience Music Project, $15

Apr 17–Aug 16
Jana Brevick: This Infinity Fits in My Hand
Jana Brevick’s imagination contorts the mundane and makes it magnificent. In her hands, repurposed strobe light vacuum tubes become stylish modern jewelry and basketball nets become shimmering crystal chandeliers. This month Brevick’s mix of crafts, metallurgy, and scientific ingenuity gets showcased in the Seattle artist’s first solo museum exhibit, This Infinity Fits in My HandBellevue Arts Museum, $12 

Thru May 2

Art in True Fashion
It's no secret that there's plenty of cross-pollination between the world of fine art and fashion. Recent years have seen fashion-focused exhibits gracing Seattle Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, and Tacoma Art Museum, among others. Abmeyer and Wood interweaves the two worlds with its latest ensemble exhibition, Art in True Fashion, which explores unique style statements via paintings, drawings, glass and wire sculptures, and more. Abmeyer and Wood Fine Art Gallery, Free

Thru May 22
Claim of Thrones
Game of Thrones has almost everything: tense drama, violent action, nudity, dragons… The one thing it lacks? Gut-busting comedy. Jet City Improv remedies this deficiency with its GoT-inspired improv show, Claim of Thrones. You’ll laugh your head off (apologies to House Stark) as the fictional families battle for supremacy. Jet City Improv, $15