The Force Is Strong with This One

Jedi robes. Han’s vest. Leia’s slave bikini. Vader’s cape and helmet. Stormtrooper armor. C-3PO’s golden exterior. Star Wars provided the most diverse set of iconic outfits in pop culture history (just think of all the Halloween costumes), and now you can get an up-close look at it. The otherworldly garb and concept designs from George Lucas’s galaxy far, far way will be on display at EMP in Star Wars and the Power of the Costume. 

Jan 31–Oct 4    Experience Music Project,


“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”

—Dame Edna Everage. After nearly 60 years, the famed female comedic alter ego of Aussie Barry Humphries makes her final Seattle appearances as part of a farewell tour. 

Jan 15–18    Moore Theatre,


The Frigid Frontier

“Hundreds of mountains that are unclimbed…it’s like being an astronaut up there,” says climber Freddie Wilkinson. Antarctica’s peaks are bastions of unexplored beauty, but the conditions one must endure to climb them are beyond extreme. Wilkinson’s teammates Mike Libecki and Cory Richards share their story of topping the 2,000-foot spire known as Bertha’s Tower for National Geographic Live’s Untamed Antarctica. As Wilkinson puts it, “This isn’t aid climbing, or free climbing, or speed climbing, this is just like…whatever-it-takes climbing.” 

Jan 11–13    Benaroya Hall,


12th Avenue Arts’ Community Theater

Washington Ensemble Theatre kicks off the resident companies’ slate with the Sprawl’s dark comedy about a suburban book club that gets derailed by the apocalypse. But the space’s two theaters are open to all.  

Jan 16–Feb 2




Rock Like An Egyptian

Music has long been a tool for unity. As Egypt and Ethiopia quarrel over hydroelectric plants and potential damming on the Nile River, Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero and Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis have teamed up to create the Nile Project. Together with a collective of musicians from the 11 countries in the Nile Basin, they address the issues through music and show the collaborative similarities of their cultures with music from the NPR-­acclaimed album Aswan. 

Jan 30    Meany Hall,




Seahawks Spirit

Photographer Robin Layton is already responsible for arguably the most iconic sports image in Seattle history: a jubilant Ken Griffey Jr., beaming from underneath a dogpile of teammates after scoring the winning run in the 1995 Division Series. She now turns her lens to the Seahawks with 12, an exhibit of Super Bowl–worthy impressionistic photography that captures the fan frenzy, players behind the scenes, and the sense of civic interconnectivity that defines Seattle’s favorite team. 

Jan 7–Feb 25    Winston Wächter Fine Art, ­

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