Prepare for a formidable dose of irreverence at Bumbershoot 2014 thanks to the fest's freshly announced words and ideas lineup. Two comedy institutions headline the proceedings, as writers from The Simpsons and The Onion discuss the interworkings of their hallowed halls. Washingtonian author Tom Robbins joins the fray to read the beginnings from all eleven of his rowdy novels. Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings and his television writer George Meyer team up to talk comedy at Needle Party!!!. Consistently amusing orator John Roderick (the Long Winters / Roderick on the Line podcast) hosts this year's "Why This? Why That? Why Now?" series, including "Why Bronies? Why Juggaloes? Why Now?" And that's only scratching the surface. Check out the full words and ideas, theater, and visual arts lineups below, and head to for descriptions of each event.

The Bumbershoot 2014 music lineup will be announced on May 8 at the Pink and Purple Pickwick Party at the Neumos. Until then, Bumbershoot passes are on sale at discounted rates at

Bumbershoot 2014 Words & Ideas Lineup:

Smrt Talk with Writers of the Simpsons / Tu Stultus Es: The Onion Explains Why You Are Stupid / Tom Robbins / Needle Party!!! with Ken Jennings and George Meyer / Black Weirdo with TheeSatisfaction / Literary Death Match / The Moth / Battle of the Word / Town Hall Presents: Arts and Culture / Town Hall Presents: The Seattle Science Lectures / Town Hall Presents: Civics / "Why Beards? Why Twerking? Why Now?" / "Why Bronies? Why Juggaloes? Why Now?" / "Why Cats? Why Bullying? Why Now?"

Bumbershoot 2014 Theatre Lineup:

Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam / Family Affair / Blood Squad / I Can Hear You...But I'm Not Listening / The Death of Brian: A Zombie Odyssey / Present Your Present with a Present (The Gift of the Future) / The Moonshine Revival Tent (Alligators and Debutantes)

Bumbershoot 2014 Visual Arts Lineup:

Before Seattle NW Music Retrospective 1976–1990 / Wendy Red Star's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World / Interstitial Theatre / Bumbercade / Food for Thought / Boating with Clyde / Black Poem / Fine Arts Poster: "White Noise"

Bumbershoot 2014
Aug 30–Sept 1, Seattle Center, $112–$500 (three-day pass)