More of the Same (Love)

By the time you’re reading this, there’s a chance Seattle singer-songwriter Mary Lambert, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis will have taken home the Grammy for Song of the Year for “Same Love.” Regardless of the result, the emotionally charged vocalist should pack the house at her first headlining Showbox concert, where she’ll be joined by Pollens and Lemolo. Feb 1 Showbox at the Market,



“This ‘new hour’ nonsense—I can’t do it.
I wanna see your best work. I’m not interested in your new work.”

—Jerry Seinfeld to The New York Times Magazine. While comedians like Louis C.K. have started pushing fellow comedians to put out a new special every year, Seinfeld remains committed to crafting jokes over the long haul. Feb 7 Paramount Theatre,




Iska Dhaaf video for “Happiness” directed by Stephan Gray


Lights, Camera…Music

MTV long ago lost its musical tastemaking prowess when it traded videos for reality shows, but artists like Beyoncé continually validate music videos’ importance, and artists like OK Go have proved crafting a great video and having it go viral can still take a career to the next level. SIFF celebrates the art form via the first ever Sync Music Video Festival. Feb 28 SIFF Cinema Uptown,

Mother and Child Isamu Noguchi, 1930. Ink on paper. Collection of Alexandra and Samuel May

Visual Art

The Student and the Master

Dismissing notions of signature mediums can forge new worlds of creativity. Such was the case when Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi, best known for his sculpture, spent six months learning calligraphic ink painting from Chinese expert Qi Baishi. The Frye showcases the fruits of this artistic relationship with the show titled Isamu Noguchi and Qi Baishi: Beijing 1930. Feb 22–May 25 Frye Art Museum,

Books & Talks

Judge a Book by Its Cover

Chip Kidd is a master attention grabber. As the graphic designer behind the covers of Jurassic Park, multiple Cormac McCarthy novels, and Frank Miller’s Batman comics, he knows part of the literary trick is getting a reader to pick up a book in the first place. Kidd joins Chris Ware, the acclaimed underground cartoonist behind Fantagraphics’ Acme Novelty Library series, for a night of design-minded discussion. Feb 19 Town Hall,

The book covers of Chip Kidd