Fiona Apple
Despite releasing a mere four albums since her 1996 debut and last seen making headlines for hashish possession, the indie queen is still the object of our awkward, undying crush. (Benaroya Hall, Oct 4)

Lawrence Brownlee 
As the tenor inThe Daughter of the Regiment, the Seattle Opera’s 50th season opener, the former Seattle Opera Young Artist hits nine high-C notes in a row. Nine! (McCaw Hall, Oct 19)

Jane Espenson
The screenwriter returns to GeekGirlCon for the third time, hopefully to spoil plot points from her TV show Once Upon a Time or web series Husbands. (Washington State Convention Center, Oct 19 & 20)

Scott Heimendinger 
The self-proclaimed food geek outdid himself when he made more than 500 percent of his goal selling an affordable home sous vide machine—basically a fancy water-cooker—on Kickstarter. 

Jake Locker
He was raised in Ferndale, and then became a UW star so his grandparents could see him play—it’s almost hard to root against the QB and the Titans when they face the Seahawks (but we’ll manage). (Oct 13) 

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee
The social media maven behind Seattle Police Department’s Twitter account is having fun posting Star Wars memes and weed jokes. Does SPD have a two-drink minimum?


Published: October 2013