It seems Belltown bar Rob Roy is the go-to location for film crews these days. First we find Anthony Bourdain downing chartreuse there for his TV show The Layover. Now Thomas Haden Church of Sideways and Spider-Man 3 might be holed up inside, filming scenes for Lucky Them, the latest movie by Seattle director Megan Griffiths. The actor was spotted filming in Fremont last week; the production crew has since relocated to Belltown and is parked outside Rob Roy at the corner of Second and Battery. They wrap up shooting at this location today, according to a crewmember, so if you think you see Church grabbing a beer at Buckley's after work, stay cool. He's just a working man like the rest of us.

According to Deadline, Lucky Them started out as a Paul Newman project about a rock journalist tasked with tracking down her musician ex-boyfriend, who'd been missing for a decade. After the movie icon's passing in 2008, Newman's widow Joanne Woodward agreed to produce the long-gestating film, and Griffiths signed on to direct. Church plays a fledgling documentarian on the trail with Toni Collette's journalist; Oliver Platt and Ahna O'Reilly (The Help) round out the cast. Filming started on Newman's birthday, January 26, and is expected to continue through February around Seattle.

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