Little gold men for everyone!

Despite our concerns about Seth MacFarlane hosting the Academy Awards this month (have you seen his TV promos? Yeesh. The Samsung ad is funnier), we'll be tuned in anyway on February 24, waiting to see if anything can topple Lincoln. Seriously, Lincoln is going to win.

How can we be so sure? How can you be so sure in your office Oscar pool? By seeing for yourself. All nine best picture nominees will screen at AMC Theatres this month during the annual Best Picture Showcase, starting February 16 with a four-pack deal: four movies (Amour, Les Misérables, Argo, Django Unchained) for $30. On February 23, the chain will offer five movies (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty) for $40. Each movie marathon starts at 10am and runs all day—meaning the beer-and-wine stand at AMC Pacific Place will look pretty good around happy hour, or after three hours of Les Mis cry-face.

AMC Best Picture Showcase
Feb 16 & 23 at 10am, $30–$40, AMC Pacific Place, AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16, and AMC Kent Station 14

But wait, there's more!

If you can't sneak away for 10+ hours of moviewatching, consider the Oscar-Nominated Shorts program at Varsity Theatre (now through Feb 24). The Landmark cinema offers an opportunity to watch nominees in the short-film categories; live-action/documentary and animated shorts are separated into two feature-length events that make for a more manageable evening.

And on February 17, SIFF Cinema Uptown pays tribute to the Academy Awards in a slightly different way: with a six-movie, 12-hour marathon of films (see also: actors, directors) snubbed by Oscar. Screenings start at 9am with breakfast provided by Eltana Wood-Fired BagelsPortage Bay supplies dinnerwhile Mistral Kitchen and Ninkasi Brewing represent at the concession stand.

SIFF has some strong opinions about these near-winners (that's Seattle speak for "losers"):

A Star Is Born
"1954 – Judy Garland's fierce performance in George Cukor's remake was overlooked for the Best Actress award in favor of another legendary actress, Grace Kelly, who won for her role in The Country Girl."

"1996 – While Frances McDormand won a much deserved Best Actress statue, the Best Supporting Actor award was truly botched, overlooking William H. Macy's tragic performance as misguided Jerry Lundegaard, in favor of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s catch-phrase spouting role in Jerry Maguire."

The Thin Man
"1934 – Nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Writer (though sadly, Myrna Loy was not nominated for Best Actress), this inebriated mystery-comedy classic went home empty handed."

Do the Right Thing
"1989 – One of the most controversial films of 1989, and one that made director Spike Lee a force to be reckoned with, Do The Right Thing may have been a bit too in-your-face for Academy voters, who instead chose to showcase the film's polar opposite: Driving Miss Daisy."

Blazing Saddles
"1974 – Many were hoping Madeline Khan would break the Academy's comedy curse after she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress but she lost to Ingrid Bergman, whose award was more for legacy than for her performance in Murder on the Orient Express."

Secret Snub
"We can't tell you the title of our final snubbed film, but here's a hint: It features one of history's best-selling soundtrack albums, yet Academy voters didn't find it worthy of a single Best Song nomination, much less a win."

Oscar Snubs Movie Marathon
Feb 17 at 9am, SIFF Cinema Uptown, $75 (includes breakfast), $125 (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and unlimited popcorn)

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