All good snowball fights come with a DJ.

Image: Chuck Kerr

No, you're not losing your mind. It didn't snow in Seattle this weekend—especially not enough to dump 162,000 pounds of the cold white stuff on the front lawn of Experience Music Project on Saturday. (That’s about 34 dump trucks worth.) But thanks to a local “Snow Day” team of entrepreneurial twentysomethings, led by chief rabble-rousers Neil Bergquist and Sam Chasan, Seattle Center had its own mountain of snow for a day—and played host to a Guinness World Record–setting snowball fight.  

Protect the munitions.

Image: Chuck Kerr

More than 6,000 people turned out to build snow forts and join the snow-throwing melee, taking the title of World’s Largest Snowball Fight from the wily Republic of Korea, which set the record in 2010 with 5,387 people. You had to have a ticket to play—and tickets sold out a while ago—but our colleague Chuck Kerr was in the middle of it all. Sounds like the snow attack was fast and furious, with people just chucking snowballs into the air and waiting to see where they landed. The Emerald City Comicon fort provided the best shelter when the snowbombs started raining down. But there was no rest for the weary Walmart fort makers, who had to fend off an attack of Seattleites yelling, “Fare wages!”  

This is why I love Seattle. Thanks to Chuck for the photos and report from the inside.

 Snow Day, January 12, 2013

REI's award-winning snow castle outside EMP.

Image: Chuck Kerr


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