We all need a little light therapy at this time of year. Seattle Met food critic Kathryn Robinson wards off seasonal affective disorder with a HappyLight; I bask in the glow of Oscar-nominated movies or eight hours' straight of Homeland. But a team of Seattle artists and art lovers really have the right idea.

Susan Robb and Sierra Stinson, with art critic Jim Demetre, launched Onn/Of last year at the Ballard Sweater Factory as a "light festival" that keeps the gloom away with art, music, and good energy. Back this weekend for its second round of light therapy, the festival brings together more than two dozen artists (see the full list below) in an old Capitol Hill car dealership for a blowout of visual art, performance, installation, projection, music, food and drink, and workshops "that in some way use or conjure 'light.'" Our own Laura Cassidy will co-host a workshop on how to handcraft your own "Possession Triangles" (don't ask us, ask her: Sat at 5, Sun at noon); we're also looking forward to the shadow puppet film noir, homemade waffles on Sunday, and whatever the Northwest Sunburn Company has in mind.

Onn/Of Festival
Jan 26 & 27, old BMW Dealership, 715 E Pine St (entrance at Boylston Ave, through Diamond Parking Lot, behind Linda's Tavern). Sat 5–midnight, $10, 21+. Sun 11–7, free, all ages; $8 from  7–10, 21+.

Tivon Rice, Nick Bartoletti, Nat Evans and John Teske, Graham Downing, MKNZ and Ross Laing, Erin Elyse Burns, Britta Johnson, Julie Alpert, DK Pan, Taylor Pinton, NKO, Max Kraushaar, Izzie Klingels, Erin Frost, Nicholas Nyland, Baso Fibonacci, Anthony Sonnenberg, Patrick Wright, Lindsey Apodaca, Eric Aguilar, Klara Glosova, JD Banke, Xhurch and more

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