Steve Thomas, Astromech Droid, courtesy James Monosmith/Ltd. Art Gallery.

Consider this a true test of nerd-dome: Do you know what we're talking about when we ask "Who shot first?" Better yet, do you have an opinion? Any serious fan of the original Star Wars trilogy would say Han Solo. For those who haven't had Star Wars on repeat since the late '70s, this refers to a scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, where Han shoots a bounty hunter, Greedo, under a table in the Mos Eisley Cantina. In the 1997 re-release, George Lucas added a shot from Greedo's gun in attempt to make Han a more sympathetic character.  

Mark McHaley, Han Solo, courtesy James Monosmith/Ltd. Art Gallery.

Maybe the second annual Star Wars show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Capitol Hill will help us get to the bottom of this ever-pressing question. More than 40 artists will show their bold graphic prints and illustrations—like vintage travel posters for Dagobah reading "Visit You Should"—as well as striking Chewbacca portraits and renderings of characters from the beloved trilogy. (Oh…err…even some from those other three movies.) Many of the pop-art works are cheeky, like Steve Thomas's ad for an Astromech Droid: R2 Model, but all capture a nostalgic sense of the modern myth Lucas created with his blockbusters. 

The gallery space is near the Melrose Market triangle and carries limited edition pieces at reasonable prices. Past shows have paid tribute to musicians ("Dead Rock Stars") and celluloid ("I Heart Movies" ). The latter featured cryptic art by Timo Meyer that quizzed its audience; each abstract poster included a riddle about classic films from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.
The "Who Shot First?" opening reception on December 13 wouldn't be complete without the 501st Legion providing Lucas Film–sanctioned Empire costumes (think dark side), a sci-fi-themed set from DJ Hojo and drinks at Ltd.'s very own cantina serving up futuristic specialty cocktails. May the force be with you…to not get drunk and ask a Stormtrooper to dance.

Star Wars Art Show, Episode II: Who Shot First?
Dec 13–Jan 27, Ltd. Art Gallery, 307 E Pike St, opening reception 6–10

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