Introducing... Kyle Loven, age 29

Currently A next-gen Seattle puppeteer, formerly of Minneapolis, who dabbles in dark magic a la Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. But this is something new. He's more than a puppeteer—he's a visual and theater artist who builds stories around images. Marionettes, light and shadow, and mystery are his tools. When we polled Seattle artists and tastemakers to name the best talent in town, there was a lot of love for Loven—he was one of our Top 15 Artists to Watch in 2013. Says his peers:

“Kyle is making puppetry in a way that I’ve never seen before and begins to question the lines between visual art, image-based theater, and puppetry.”  

Claim to Fame Received grants from the Jim Henson Foundation and the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs to develop Loss Machine—a world premiere at On the Boards this week that was workshopped under the title Blink at Washington Ensemble Theatre in 2011. 

What is a Loss Machine? Live performance, starring Loven and the a “Rube Goldberg–esque set” he manipulates. A lost city of lost items, each with its own sad story.

What isn’t a Loss Machine? Muppetry. Cuddly. For children.

Kyle Loven: Loss Machine
Dec 5–10, On the Boards, $20  


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