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Video: Run for Your Lives

Seattle Met intern Sabina Cao tangled with the walking...err, running dead in Washington's inaugural zombie chase.

By Seattle Met Staff August 6, 2012

From left: Andre Sayre, Jamie Terkla, Sabina Cao and Michelle Loprieno pose after their morning zombie shift.

Given Seattle’s love of the undead (they don’t call us the home of ZomBCon for nothing), it’s not surprising that Washington now has a “zombie-infested 5k obstacle course.” On August 4 participants wore flag football-style belts and raced through the woods, leaping over and diving under obstacles as “zombies” gave chase. Our own intrepid Seattle Met intern Sabina Cao tangled with the walking—err, running—dead and reported back. In addition to her behind-the-scenes video (see below), here's a breakdown of the state's inaugural Run for Your Lives by the numbers:

2.5 Number of hours it took to drive from Seattle to Onalaska, Washington (aka the middle of nowhere) for Run for Your Lives.

3 Number hours spent being blood-thirsty, flag-grabbing zombies.

12 Number of manmade and natural obstacles across the 5K course, including but not limited to: electric fences, wooden hurdles, hills, mazes.

16 Number of makeup artists on-site at the “Zombie Transformation Center” to glue on prosthetics, airbrush and paint zombie features, and throw handfuls of blood.

45 Minutes it took to be transformed into a zombie, on average.

750 Number of zombie volunteers covered in blood, looking for brains and flags.

438 of 4,500 Number of runners who survived the apocalypse with at least one flag left – a 9.7 percent survival rate.

00:20:40.9 The winning race time (a zombie took first place).

00:23:34.3 The time for the quickest “living” runner (with one flag left).


Run for Your Lives 2012 from Seattle Met on Vimeo.

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