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Seahawks Single Game Tickets On Sale Now

Be part of the 12th Man this season at CenturyLink Field.

By Seth Sommerfeld August 27, 2012


The joy of celebrating a Seahawks' score in person.

Image: Rod Mar

While plenty of fine dramas have hit the stage over the past few months, it’s hard for them to the compare to the juicy storylines of the Seahawks’ offseason. The Seahawks used a third-round draft pick to select Russell Wilson, the quarterback from Wisconsin who—by the NFL’s general conventions—is “too short” to play quarterback in this league. He’s gone on to eviscerate opponents’ defenses this preseason and unexpectedly win the starting job. (A word of caution to Hawks fans: “Preseason” played a key role in that last sentence.) The team doled out dollars and signed the best free agent quarterback on the market—Matt Flynn—only to make him into an absurdly overpaid clipboard holder. A few weeks ago, the club signed the ever-brash wide receiver Terrell Owens, but unceremoniously cut him over the weekend. The team even managed to rid itself of its previous starting quarterback—the often painful-to-watch Tarvaris Jackson—via a trade with the Buffalo Bills. With one of the NFL’s best defenses already in place, it’s hard not to be optimistic about the team’s potential playoff hopes.

Seahawks single-game tickets went on sale this morning at 10am. High-profile games against the Packers and Patriots are selling very quickly, so if there was ever a time for an impulse purchase, this is it. 

Seattle Seahawks Home Schedule 2012

Sept 16 at 1 Seahawks v. Dallas Cowboys
Sept 24 at 5:30 Seahawks v. Green Bay Packers (Monday Night Football)
Oct 14 at 1 Seahawks v. New England Patriots
Nov 4 at 1 Seahawks v. Minnesota Vikings
Nov 11 at 1 Seahawks v. New York Jets
Dec 9 at 1 Seahawks v. Arizona Cardinals
Dec 23 at 1 Seahawks v. San Francisco 49ers
Dec 30 at 1 Seahawks v. St. Louis Rams

Seattle Seahawks
CenturyLink Field, $55­­–$394

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