Four Seattle Bands That Rock Harder Than the Rest

By Laura Dannen and Seth Sommerfeld July 24, 2012 Published in the August 2012 issue of Seattle Met

To claim you don’t like indie rock in Seattle is heresy, like saying you loathe Mount Rainier. But sometimes we get these cravings...for manic guitar riffs and head-banging drum solos. Sometimes we just want to rock, without the indie. Thankfully, the city that birthed Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana still has plenty of rising rock stars. We recently inherited Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf , a 28-year-old Canadian transplant who looks like a young Bob Dylan and shreds mightily on his Gibson 335. But the music doesn’t stop there. Meet three more of our favorites:

Absolute Monarchs tear up the mainstage at Capitol Hill Block Party 2012.

Absolute Monarchs
Despite debuting at Capitol Hill Block Party in 2010, the Absolute Monarchs foursome didn’t get around to releasing its first proper record until this April. But most agree it was worth the wait for the thunderclap of 1, an LP that’s a fury of snarling vocals, driving double guitars, and frenzied drumming that gets your blood pumping. See them at Concerts at the Mural, Aug 17, Mural Amphitheatre, Seattle Center 

Ellensburg's Star Anna now looks the part of Seattle rocker.

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs
The 26-year-old gets pegged as alt-country but she’s more rock and raw than that. Her aching vocals hint at time spent working hard for her money, busking on the streets of Ellensburg, and playing in a self-described “bad punk band”; there’s an honesty to the music that sways even the toughest of dudes. Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready is one of her biggest fans—can’t get a much better endorsement. See them at Bumbershoot, Sept 3, Seattle Center 

My Goodness, fans of Texas and Pabst.

My Goodness
Saying this Seattle guitar-and-drum duo sounds like the Black Keys is beyond cliche at this point. Then again, it became the cliche because it’s a spot-on comparison. Owing a debt to its punk and blues predecessors, My Goodness wails (yeaaaahhhh) and thrashes with authority. No upcoming shows scheduled at this time. 

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