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Met Pick: Portland Dance Troupe Teeth at On the Boards

The 2011 A.W.A.R.D. Show! winners have a new multimedia piece to show off.

By Laura Dannen February 28, 2012

Portland dance company Teeth ­dominated last year’s A.W.A.R.D. Show! competition with Home Made, an electrifying interpretation of a long-term relationship, from lust to languish. At the time, I think I called it the dance equivalent of Blue Valentine. Dancers Keely McIntyre and Noel Plemmons engaged in flashlight foreplay beneath a sheet, using a handheld camera to trace each others’ naked bodies while projecting close-ups of elbows, feet, and chins onto a screen behind them. A foot caressed a head; it was… sweet.

Ever since choreographer Angelle Hebert and sound designer Phillip Kraft teamed up 11 years ago, Teeth has explored the boundaries of contemporary dance. This isn’t just about movement—it’s finely crafted theater, with an appreciation for dark comedy, improvisation, and creative multimedia. The group returns to On the Boards this weekend with the local premiere of Make/Believe, a new piece about obsession and anxiety featuring Plemmons, Philip Elson, and Seattle’s Molly Sides and Shannon Stewart draped in microphone cords—a sort-of modern Marley’s ghost bound by chains.

On March 3, Hebert and Kraft will co-teach a master class at Velocity Dance, covering material from Make/Believe, as well as dance technique, improv, and composition. All levels welcome.

Mar 1–3 at 8, On the Boards, $20

Teeth: Master Class
Mar 3, noon–1:45, Velocity Dance Center, $15 ($7 with ticket stub)

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