Take a Film Class With the Producer of The Kids Are All Right

J. Todd Harris talks you through screenplay development at TheFilmSchool.

By Laura Dannen January 24, 2012

Coffee’s for closers Producer J. Todd Harris teaches you how to sell your screenplay.

Just got word that J. Todd Harris, producer of last year’s sleeper Oscar pick The Kids Are All Right, will teach next month’s Substance and Sale Seminar at TheFilmSchool at Seattle Center. It’s a three-day intensive that’s designed to improve your screenplay (or fledgling screenplay) and teach you how to market yourself and your work, which is often the hardest part of filmmaking. The school only takes the first 30 people who apply—you can choose to observe or participate in the class—so if you’re interested, send in your application now. The details are below:

Substance and Sale Seminar
TheFilmSchool at the Film Center, Seattle Center

February 17, 6–9pm
February 18 & 19, 9–9

Workshop Overview (courtesy of TheFilmSchool):
This course takes you through an in-depth development process, asking the same questions that a good producer would: Does the screenplay have the underpinnings of a compelling premise? Does your original vision shine through a masterful working of the three-act structure? Does your lead character’s personal journey drive the story forward? Are there key turning points, a powerful scheme for the antagonist, and a number of other specific narrative elements which will catch the reader’s eye? Over three intensive days, we’ll work and rework through these craft issues at a professional level. The end result is to learn how to make your script’s key dramatic intentions come across as strongly as possible in the finished work, and at best, this process helps move your material to the next level at the right production company.

To apply
Enrollment is limited to the first 10 who apply to observe (attend seminars, join discussion, but your work won’t be edited) and the first 20 who apply to participate (your work will be critiqued). Submit a one-page synopsis of your script with your application online at

Cost To observe = $299 ($254.15 early enrollment discount until next week)
To participate = $495 ($420.75 early enrollment)

Application deadline February 16

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