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The Voice Update: Vicci Martinez Sings Dolly Parton…and It Works

The Tacoma rocker looked strong on last night’s episode of NBC’s singoff. Time to vote.

By Laura Dannen June 15, 2011

Rolling Stone is power-ranking the teams competing on NBC’s The Voice (not kidding) and last week, the magazine had Tacoma’s own Vicci Martinez leading Cee Lo Green’s team. She did a chilling rendition of Dolly Parton’s "Jolene" last night on a candlelit set (borrowed from the Phantom of the Opera?). But now it’s up to us to keep her on the show. You can vote for Vicci online at nbc.com/the-voice/vote —none of that texting nonsense—and we’ll find out the results during next Tuesday’s show. Go Vicci.

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