Art Party

Sasquatch! Poster Show at Vermillion

More than 60 new band posters are on display.

By Laura Dannen May 19, 2011


Even if you’re not schlepping to Eastern Washington next weekend for the four-day Sasquatch! music festival, any rock geek can appreciate an exhibit of band poster art. And Sasquatch! poster art is a time-honored tradition: like $7 beers and those amazing Gorge sunsets. Every music act in the lineup, from Foo Fighters to the Flaming Lips, gets its own piece of artwork to commemorate the event, and more than 60 of those 2011 posters will be on display at art bar Vermillion on Capitol Hill, starting Friday.

The exhibit is free, and all-ages from 6–9pm; it goes up to 21+ after 9. Posters will be on display through May 29, but if you can’t make it to Vermillion, enjoy a sample in our slideshow (left), or go to

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