YES IT’S GOT culinary cred, but does the prestige of a James Beard Foundation Award kick in where it counts—at the cash register? That’s one question we asked Crush’s Jason Wilson, 2010 Best Chef Northwest winner, on Nosh Pit, in advance of this year’s ceremony on May 9. His reply: “It doesn’t put butts in seats.” But that doesn’t stop us from crossing fingers for Seattle nominees Ethan Stowell, Matt Dillon, Tom Douglas, and the Brothers Canlis.

Even if the Emerald City doesn’t claim another Beard crown, we may be bragging about fashion’s Next Big Thing. When style blog Wear What When announced NBC would be scouting its forthcoming fashion design reality show here in Seattle, the news triggered a deluge of retweets from eager fashion peeps. WWW’s advice to auditionistas: “Don’t come on too strong.” Then again, tanorexic West Seattleite and Project Runway season-five alum Blayne “Holla atcha boy” Walsh didn’t exactly keep things low key.

Speaking of coming on too strong, Sauced asked six women bartenders if it’s okay to hit on them while they sling your drink. Says Rob Roy’s Anu Apte: “Yes…via tips.”

Meanwhile, a panel of Nosh Pit recruits ate their way through 17 kinds of local doughnuts, only to confirm what we already knew: Anything with bacon really tastes better, and salted caramel is still (yes, still) having a moment. Props to Frost Doughnuts; the Mill Creek bakery’s rounds were the crowd favorite.

And Culture Fiend revealed that Eddie Vedder’s next solo work drops May 31. News of the album’s dominant instrument—a ukulele—spurred us to compare Vedder to Jack Johnson, and the ire of one commenter: Likening P-Jam’s man to JJ “is like putting filet mignon on the same shelf as Spam.” Gauntlet thrown!

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