The Perfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

October 11, 2010 Published in the November 2010 issue of Seattle Met

Joe Biden
He mentioned Pike Place Market in a report about stimulus packages—and wasn’t referring to the Can Can burlesque show.

Bart Simpson
Hackers changed an electric West Seattle road sign to read “Eat My Shorts,” the cartoon character’s favorite slogan. No word on whether anyone had a cow.

John Chelminiak
The Bellevue council member was mauled by a bear. And no, he wasn’t at the Cuff on Capitol Hill.

Melissa Westbrook
Seattle Public Schools barred the “save our schools” blogger from a press conference, saying she wasn’t real press. So she blogged about it. And SPS quickly reversed position. Call it “save our face.”

Steve Wiebe
The Kirkland middle school teacher and star of the documentary King of Kong is the top Donkey Kong scorer once again. Just a million more points to go and he gets a real life.

Eddie Vedder
The grunge vet married his longtime girlfriend. No one wore flannel.

Claude Fischler
The nutritional sociologist argues that communal meals make for happier humans. If he means gorging on turkey before passing out while watching football on TV, we agree. (Kane Hall, Nov 2)

Margo Pellegrino
She kayaked 1,500 miles from Seattle to San Diego—and all she got was this lousy “Perfect Party” mention.

See who else we’ve invited to the dinner table.

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