Back for more? Here’s our must-see list for Sunday of Bumbershoot:

Music: Hey Marseilles
Seattle Weekly recently called Hey Marseilles “the best local act deserving national attention,” and we have to agree. The septet’s orchestral pop is joyous and melancholic in turns; “Rio” soars on trumpet and violin solos, while “Cities” could be the lamentation of a carnival clown whose shoes are too small. It’s folkish and charming, layered and professional. See them before everyone else realizes how good they are. 2:15–3:15pm, Broad Street Stage.

Comedy Podcast Live! WTF with Marc Maron
For some reason, when I hear “comedy podcast” I think “bearded basement dweller telling bad jokes.” Not the case with Marc Maron, an acerbic stand-up pro whose twice-weekly iTunes podcast draws 200,000 listeners and guests like Judd Apatow and Robin Williams. Here he chats with comedians Patton Oswalt, Donald Glover (of NBC’s Community ), and Doug Benson. 2:45–3:45pm, Charlotte Martin Theatre/Comedy Stage South.

Film: SIFF Audience Award Winners
Since the typical audience at the Seattle International Film Festival is full of wannabe film critics and movie junkies, we take the SIFF Audience Awards pretty seriously. (Past Golden Space Needle recipients have included Oscar-winning documentary The Cove and Oscar golden girl Kathryn Bigelow as best director for The Hurt Locker.) This afternoon, SIFF screens the best short films: Ormie, about a pig on a mission to crack into the cookie jar; The Little Dragon, about a dragon spirit trapped inside a plastic toy; and The Crush, about an 8-year-old boy with a thing for his teacher. 4:30–5:30pm, 1 Reel Film Festival, SIFF Cinema, 321 Mercer St.

Music: Ra Ra Riot
These New York indie kids just released their sophomore album on August 24—lofty, strings-driven The Orchard—but don’t expect them to go all MGMT and forget that they also know how to play high-energy live shows. Orchestral pop is the name of the game this weekend. 5:45–6:45pm, Broad Street Stage.

Page and Screen: TV Writers and the Comic Novel
They should just call this “Living the Dream”: A panel of writers who pen literature and TV scripts discuss their latest work. The lineup speaks for itself: Simon Rich (Elliot Allagash: A Novel, writer for Saturday Night Live); Steve Hely (How I Became a Famous Novelist, contributing writer for 30 Rock, American Dad, and The Late Show with David Letterman); Seth Greenland (Shining City: A Novel, writer for The Office); Maria Semple (This One Is Mine, former Arrested Development writer). The Stranger books editor Paul Constant moderates the discussion. 7:15–8:15, Leo K Theatre, Seattle Rep.

Mainstage (always a safe bet): 5:45 Rise Against, 7:30 Hole, 9pm Weezer

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