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Grassroots On Location

Stephen Gyllenhaal shows off the office of The Stranger for a brief behind-the-scenes look at his new film.

By Tiffany Wan July 15, 2010

In true money-saving fashion, director Stephen Gyllenhaal films some scenes for his new Seattle-based movie Grassroots in The Stranger’s offices, geeking out about the authenticity of the shoot and not having to build his own set. The scene they’re filming in this clip is when writer Phil Campbell (played by Jason Biggs) gets fired by his boss, Nick Ricochet (the movie equivalent of Stranger publisher Tim Keck, played by improv actor Todd Stashwick); Gyllenhaal points out they are filming in the actual room where Campbell was fired. He also points out all the TVs in the room that have neon green canvases plastered over the screens, which will be superimposed with 2001-related news footage.

The video cuts out right before they are about to start filming, but it’s a great peek into what we’ll be seeing in Grassroots next year.

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