Kobie Boykins
The NASA engineer talks about driving rovers on Mars, which is only slightly more challenging than driving cars on Aurora. (Benaroya Hall, May 17 & 18)

Roland Anderson
The retired Seattle Aquarium biologist cowrote a book about octopuses. He’ll arrive with a guest, arm in arm—and arm and arm and arm.

Franklin Page
The world’s fastest texter earned the record by thumbing a 160-character phrase in 36 seconds, leaving the Mercer Islander with 14½ minutes on his fame clock.

Nancy Pearl

Our favorite “book luster” won a national librarians’ award. And she hasn’t said shhhh about it.

Dean Deblois

The codirector of the animated Viking movie How to Train Your Dragon bought a house in Seattle, where the Nordic marauders don’t so much rape and pillage as don Berks and walk Golden retrievers. 

The mongooselike fur balls return to Woodland Park Zoo after being sent packing a decade ago to make room for Komodo dragons. They’d like to talk to Dean Deblois about a potential sequel, How to Evict Your Dragon.

Sanjaya Malakar
A state trooper caught the former American Idol contestant speeding at 110 mph on I-405. The officer resisted criticizing the Federal Way singer’s horrific transitions and shameless baiting of the teen home audience for votes.

Marcelas Owens

The Orca elementary fifth-grader stood next to Obama as the president signed health reform into law. Hail to the Kid!

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