Lost Redux

Spoiler: We take a look what’s new and confusing in Episode 8 of the final season.

By Laura Dannen March 17, 2010

It’s a conman’s world: Josh Holloway plays James “Sawyer” Ford on Lost.

Back from my island adventure—and I’m happy to report that Maui is free of smoke monsters. Many thanks to Matt for doing such a good job dissecting last week’s episode of Lost.

Call it what you will—filler, set-up, character development—but this week’s episode, “Recon,” had a lot less to chew on than the Ben burner last week. At least they brought Sawyer back, giving him one of the best flash sideways stories to date. Sadly, I can’t say the same for his island self, where he’s stuck exchanging shy “hellos” with lame Kate like they’re high school freshmen flirting in the hallway. When will it end? Jack wants Kate, Kate wants Sawyer…unless Sawyer wants Jack, I’m bored with this love triangle. How about a new love quadrangle? Consider this…

Mystery #1: Why is Claire holding Kate’s hand? Okay, I’m kidding, but Claire does play an interesting role here. First she tackles Kate and nearly slits her throat; then the Locke-ness Monster scolds her, and Claire comes back blubbering apologies and giving big hugs. Was Claire’s attack a set-up so LNM could intervene, and convince Kate of his goodwill? Or is Crazy Claire so far gone that she’s going to be an X factor, trying to kill friend and foe for the rest of the season? I’m pretty convinced she’s LMN’s puppet for the long term, primed to do his bidding. Same goes for Sayid. And though I don’t think Kate will intentionally take sides with Locke, she’ll probably get in the way (again) and screw things up for Jack or Sawyer (again) as they go head to head with the forces of evil.

Mystery #2: Does Evil Locke have mommy issues? The Locke-ness Monster reveals a bit about his childhood (whenever that was), which featured a “crazy mother” and some sinister-sounding “growing pains.” Begs the question: How does a gaseous substance have a mom? Maybe I’m being too literal, but…WTF? Was she a witchy woman who turned him into smoke in the first place? Did Eve ever bestow superpowers on Cain or Abel? Or is the Locke-ness Monster really Aaron? Hear me out: The fortune teller told Claire several seasons ago that she had to raise Aaron on her own, and if she didn’t, he’d be in danger. Has Aaron been possessed? Have to mull this over a bit more.

Mystery #3: Would Charlotte and Sawyer make a good couple? In the flash sideways, Sawyer’s life is still defined by the death of his parents, but rather than turning to crime to cope, he becomes a cop for the LAPD who likes to be alone and watch Little House on the Prairie. I love it. It’s a little hint of his Dharma Initiative “past”—Miles is even his partner in LA. But this Sawyer doesn’t have the calming influence of Juliet, so he still lies semi-professionally, sleeps around on the job (do undercover cops actually do that?), and is incapable of being in a relationship because of his obsession with finding the real Sawyer. Even when he goes on a respectable blind date (with Charlotte!), he scares her off. He’s a loner, totally unpredictable—and capable of anything, here or on the island. Could the man who "ain’t with anybody" be the ultimate martyr this season?

Mystery #4: Are there two meanings to the episode title “Recon”? Yes. Back in the jungle, the Locke-ness Monster sends Sawyer to Hydra Island on a “reconnaissance mission”: to find the crashed Ajira plane that they—supposedly—will fix up and fly home. Right. Because LNM was an airplane mechanic in a past life? It’s another set-up—a con—but Sawyer responds by pulling his own “re-con” on LNM and the recently arrived Charles Widmore. A three-way scuffle between Jacob’s candidates, LNM and Widmore could be coming very soon…

Final thought: I think the producers slipped in a little hint for us this week. When Zoe, a Widmore crony, tells Sawyer “Thank God” (for something, I forget what), Sawyer replies, “Trust me, God’s got nothing to do with it.” Does that hold true for the entire show? Maybe this battle between faith and free will, good and evil, isn’t Biblical after all.

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