Tight-Wallet Tuesdays

Movies in Bars? Oh My.

Triple Door joins the growing list of area bars showing films for free.

By Laura Dannen February 16, 2010

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell star in Howard Hawks’s 1940 screwball comedy His Girl Friday.

A couple weeks ago, Blue Moon Tavern started showing free double features on Tuesdays—a glorious decision that included late-night happy hour and theme nights. (Though sadly, tonight’s Patrick Swayze two-fer—Point Break and Roadhouse—was canceled. Why? No one knew when I called. Hmm. No respect for P. Swayz.)

Filling the void is the new Speakeasy Series at the Triple Door. Here’s how it works: Tuesdays will be Movie Night in the TD Lounge, where a live band will play a backing soundtrack to a classic film (chosen by SIFF), while resident mixologist Brian McKay serves up vintage cocktails (courtesy of Remy-Cointreau). SIFF picks movies that were either shot or set in a particular "speakeasy city" each week; the first round is all about Chicago.

Feb 16-Mar 23 (closed on Mar 2 for a private event)

The films: Howard Hawks’s 1940 screwball comedy His Girl Friday, starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell; 1948 noir thriller Call Northside 777 starring James Stewart.

The band: Useyr Signal, playing both the original score and the occasional improv.

The drinks:
The North-Side Car: Remy, Cointreau, lemon, bitters.
Blind Bengal: Remy, Cointreau, maraschino, pineapple, bitters.
The Millionaire: Mount Gay rum, sloe gin, peach liqueur, lime.
Corpse Reviver #2: gin, Cointreau, Lillet, lemon, pastis.
Jack Rose: Applejack, lime, grenadine.
Midway Mule: vodka, gingerbeer, lime.
Cary Grant: vodka, Tia Maria, lime.

Future Speakeasy Series will pay tribute to San Francisco, New Orleans, NYC, Miami, LA, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, and Moscow. For more info, click here.

Looking for other drink-and-a-movie options? Check out the cocktail lounge-cum-movie theater Big Picture in Belltown and Redmond, or Central Cinema’s beer, wine and dinner menu.

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