"I WAS BORN and raised here in Seattle, and I went to Shorecrest High School. It’s a sucky high school. Trust me, it sucks. But while there, I did some very serious research for the character of Dwight Schrute by participating avidly in Model United Nations, the chess club, marching band (where we wore kilts), and I was in the computer club and played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. So, the world of the geekdom of Dwight Schrute is very near and dear to me due to my Seattle upbringing…. Then I came here to the University of Washington, just one year, but the great thing was I met my wife in an acting class over at Hutchinson Hall…. My best friend and roommate—we lived up on 45th over by Dick’s Drive-In (In-N-Out Burger’s better)—was going to move to India and teach in a school there, and I was really at this crossroads between social activism and the arts. And obviously I made the wrong choice. And he has been riddled with tapeworms his entire life. No, I’m just kidding. And now here I am, an incredibly successful, wealthy, ruggedly handsome individual."

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