SKETCHFEST SEATTLE COMEDY FESTIVAL celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. Bellingham’s Andrew Connor (pictured, left) took over as artistic director last year—which means an opening-night dose of the Cody Rivers Show, featuring Connor and comic partner Mike Mathieu’s hysterical, whiz-bang wordplay that interconnects several surreal vignettes (i.e., a detective whose partner is a spider).

How do you turn such random elements into a cohesive evening? The big secret is that we have absolutely no plan whatsoever. We chase down all those crazy ideas without any notion of an overarching story. The point is to make those bits stand by themselves. Then we step back to note what our subconscious has coincidentally created and see how that puzzle fits together—you know, Oh, there’s a dad in this sketch and in this other sketch. Then we thread them together. If you tried to think of it as a preconceived thing, you’d have to be completely insane. But this is a fun way to let those things take us by surprise. The aggregate of all those strange little choices adds up to a show.

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