Not since John Lithgow strapped the furry beast to the top of his station wagon in Harry and the Hendersons has the homegrown cryptozoological phenomenon Bigfoot received so much attention from Hollywood. In this month’s Strange Wilderness, a movie starring Steve Zahn and Justin Long, who go to the Andes to spot the mythical beast and boost ratings for their failing TV show. Long also stars in the recent Sasquatch Dumpling Gang, wherein a group of kids try to track the primate. Joining the fun is the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky commercial series, where pranksters get their comeuppance after annoying the beast in his own habitat. Go ahead and laugh—but not too loud. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the most recent credible sighting in the Northwest was last September when a camping couple heard the beast stomping around and slamming boulders against trees outside Cispus, Washington.

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