Heart Skips a Beach

By Harry Edwards January 6, 2009 Published in the February 2008 issue of Seattle Met

Closet litterbugs take note: Even Seattle’s most unequivocal do-gooders, like the folks at Bedrock Industries glass recycling company, have been known to dump objects into the gray depths of the Sound. Well, dump isn’t quite the word. The Bedrockers skip stones across the water at Golden Gardens Park every Valentine’s Day. The company makes heart-shaped “Lovestones” out of colored recycled glass, and the flat rounded form makes them perfect for skipping. So lovebirds take note too: You can join in this annual throwfest on February 14, from 3 to 7pm, at Golden Gardens, where Bedrock will have Lovestones for guests to toss. With luck—and a deft sidearm motion—your glass heart will skip four or five times over the water. And with even more luck, years later, some beachcomber will discover (and treasure) your lovestone during low tide. For more info visit

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