I mean, come on. Image, clearly, via Li'l Woody's.

We're big fans of Li'l Woody's around here. (Perhaps you remember a certain resplendent tower of beef patties on the cover of our last burger issue?) I usually have a hard time getting beyond the Fig and the Pig, or even the regular cheeseburger, to explore the weekly specials, but this one looks pretty freaking amazing.

Li'l Woody's circled 'round with the team at Beecher's and came up with a burger topped with a hulking scoop of its famous mac and cheese. I mean, come on. Lest that not be enough cheese for you, it's also got a slice of Beecher's spicy No Woman cheese with jerk seasonings. Also, bacon and green onions...but really you had me at mac and cheese.

The burger will be at both the Ballard and Capitol Hill locations August 19 to 25. Li'l Woody's even made a little trailer in honor of its arrival. Though I assume head burger dude Cory Alfano's actual procurement process is a little more efficient, if less stylish.


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