The SLUG (aka the South Lake Union Growler station). If only they could figure out how to call the Greenwood version the GLUG. Photo via Bartell's Facebook page.

After seeing the wildly enthusiastic reception to its growler fill station at the new South Lake Union outpost, Bartell’s is planning a second beer dispensary at another new store, this one at 100 N 85th Street in Greenwood. 

In early August, the local drugstore chain opened the SLU location and watched in awe as a massive stampede of Amazonians descend upon the growler fill station. It was Bartell's first foray into a trend that’s taking hold at local markets and bottle shops—a little cubby of six taps where customers can fill up a growler to take home or perhaps back to their desks for a Friday pick-me-up. No judgement here.

The response was, um, enthusiastic. Lines were long and, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal, the store had to make an emergency call for an extra beer delivery. And it's still going strong.

Growler fills have quietly become a staple of Seattle's at-home beer drinkers. Most of the new big-box booze stores have them; Total Wine and Spirits added one a few months back, they'r a familiar sight at bottle shops, and more bars and restaurants are filling patrons' to-go beer vessels as well.There's also this to look forward to in West Seattle.

The Greenwood location (a larger, new construction store that will be replacing a Bartell’s that’s right next door) is due to open October 22. Spokeswoman Helen Neville noted that the excellent Chuck’s Hop Shop is right down the street, and the neighborhood certainly has a taste for good beer. When the new location opens, Neville says customers should let Bartell’s staff know what beers they’d like to see on tap; drafts rotate through the taps at South Lake Union, though Manny's and Mac and Jack's are constants.


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