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Image: Oliver Ludlow

I don’t usually get worked up about celebrity photo shoots. (Okay, that’s not totally true. I did once drive to Portland and back in a day to be on the set with Kyle MacLachlan.) And while Washington state attorney general Bob Ferguson might not be a celebrity celebrity, I think of him that way, especially because I admire what he’s done this year for immigrants. This photo shoot was scheduled, concepted, and produced within a mere 48 hours, thanks in part to photographer Oliver Ludlow and eagle-eyed stylist Jenny Verador (pictured with Ferguson above). The idea was inspired by Ferguson’s time as a professional chess player and previous statements he’d made comparing moves in the game to the swift action his office took against President Trump’s first travel ban. When I asked if he ever got tired of people bringing up his background in chess, he joked that he didn’t but his staff probably got tired of him making chess references. He brought his personal chess set to the shoot, and we set up the board so it would look like Ferguson had his opponent in check. When Ferguson asked if he could change the board, I joked that he should make it look like he was playing someone who doesn’t know how to play the game. He didn’t laugh. He did laugh at our request for a group photo with him at the end—and then granted it. Maybe he’s a celebrity celebrity after all.

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