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Where To Go This Second Thursday: Capitol Hill’s Blitz Art Walk

The monthly Capitol Hill art walk features an art marathon and a shuttle bus to keep you warm between galleries.

By Jeremy Buben November 13, 2014

Every second Thursday the popular activity of art walking takes place on Capitol Hill. A handful of galleries, along with all manner of small businesses in the community from wine shops to hair salons join the fun and show new work. Art walking is also a great prelude to any nightlife plans on the hill. This edition of the playfully named Captiol Hill Blitz Art Walk is filled to the proverbial brim with not only gallery shows but also features an art marathon and a couple of shows in the apartments of curators. 

Visitors Welcome: A Short Run Art Show
Joe Bar

The Short Run Festival really picks up speed this weekend, but leading up to it there are several events, such as this art show for artists working in the graphic novel genre. Get ready to celebrate your love of comics, self-published books, and of course art.

Image: CoCA

CoCA 24-hour Art Marathon
The Summit

Every year the Center on Contemporary Art, or CoCA as it’s commonly called, has a 24-hour art making marathon that leads up to their annual auction. This year 20 artists, from emerging to established, set up shop in the Summit, an event space on East Pike Street, to stick it out and create something to be auctioned off for this coming Saturday’s gala.



Joey Veltkamp My Darkness is Shining 2014

Slave to the Needlepoint: Hands On
Ghost Gallery

 Fiber art finds a home on the walls of Ghost Gallery this month with artists that employ techniques ranging from needling to stitching and shredding to knitting. The group show features work from couture clothier Mark Mitchell and quilter Joey Veltkamp among others.

Sara Long

The End
Blindfold Gallery

The Olive Way gallery is set to close up shop after two and a half years of showing paintings and hosting poetry readings. The final show at the gallery will feature three painters, one of which is Sara Long, a co-founder of the gallery. The Capitol Hill art scene will suffer without the thoughtful curation that Blindfold brought, but don’t weep yet, the show runs through December 13.

Kellie Talbot Buckaroo, 2014, oil on canvas

Kellie Talbot

Photorealist painter Kellie Talbot shows new oil paintings; her subject is a close-cropped image of decaying Americana through the lens of beloved tavern neon and soda fountain signage.








If all of the above sound intriguing you can even take a tour in a warm shuttle bus and skip out on the chilly trek between spaces. Collect Art Tour, organized by Diana Adams of Vermillion Art Gallery and independent curator Liz Johnson, features a charismatic guide and will shuttle participants between popular art walk stops with a variety of incentives for anyone curious or interested in acquiring new artworks.


Cable Griffith Mountain Stream, 2014. Acrylic on canvas

If you’re seeking something a little more domestic you can visit the living rooms-turned-galleries of two Capitol Hill curators. Vignettes hosts Emily Pothast at one of its last events at the El Capitan Apartments where Sierra Stinson has shown art in a non-traditional setting for over three years. Across the hill Cornish art teacher Cable Griffith occupies the two shallow shelves at Two Shelves, an intimate gallery that has shown installations playing with interesting constraints from the thoughtful curators Joe Rudko and Kelly Bjork.

Emily Pothast

Image: Vignettes







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