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Cheap Week Seattle: Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Events March 17–23

The best all day affair on St. Pat’s, hometown hip-hop, and a chance to win tickets to an internal tour of Seattle’s most interesting modern homes: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Jeremy Novak March 17, 2014

Seattle Firefighter Pipes & Drums Band at last year's St. Patrick's celebration at Fadó. Image via Fadó website.

We’ve all gone dream house “shopping” before, a very cheap, although sometimes frustrating activity. Don’t you always want to peek inside? This week you can win an internal viewing of five sleek fantasy abodes with tickets to the Seattle Modern Home Tour (otherwise $30). In the spirit of house hunting, post a picture in the comments of your ideal home by Wednesday and we’ll choose two winners to receive a pair of tickets. Extra points for modernity.

Monday, March 17
St. Patrick’s Day Party at Fadó Irish Pub
Those of you who are serious about this sacred holiday will be at Fadó Irish Pub bright and early for “kegs and eggs” at 8am. You’ll get your fill of Irish tunes throughout the day with visits from the Seattle Firefighter Pipes & Drums Band, and official sets starting at 3:30 with the True Romand Band. If you’re still standing at 6pm you can catch Hennessy & Co. and if you survive till 10pm you’ll hear the Kennedy Brothers (but then you might be doing it wrong). Fadó Irish Pub, free until 1:30, $10 1:30-4, $15 after 4 (Cover includes a $10 gift card for your next visit)

Tuesday, March 18
Red Bull Sound Select: Shabazz Palaces
Seattle's preeminent purveyor of mind-expanding hip-hop—Shabazz Palaces—plays the Tractor for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Need we say more? Fine. Former Seattle Met Album of the Month artist Vox Mod acts as host for the concert. Still want more? Another Album of the Month honoree Erik Blood opens the show. Seriously, just RSVP now. Tractor Tavern, $3 (RSVP Required)

Wednesday, March 19
‘Beautiful Questions’ on the Road to Innovation
“Why does it rain?” “What’s that over there?” Kids ask an estimated 40,000 questions between the ages of 2 and 5, but parents and teachers eventually tire and start to discourage such constant inquiry. Warren Berger, contributor to Wired and The New York Times, examines the detrimental effects this has on future innovation in his book A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. Hear him speak about encouraging curious minds, and presumably ask him your own questions at the end. Town Hall, $5.

Wednesday, March 19
Tony Daniel Live Album Recording 
One of the best comedians in the Northwest, Tony Daniel takes the stage at Columbia City Theater for their first live comedy recording.  Daniel has performed his upfront, boisterous routine at Hempfest, countless clubs and colleges, and Sirius Radio’s Jamie Foxx show. Moving to Seattle from Atlanta, he’s got a ton of culture shock to discuss, as well as “DUI lanes” and what he’d do as “10-minute mayor” in Seattle’s next snowstorm. Columbia City Theater, $10. 

Thursday, March 20
Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour
There are plenty of happy hour options around town, but how many feature giant Jenga? The third Thursday of every month, Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour turns Seattle Center Armory into a madhouse of music, cocktails, food, mini golf, and oversize board games. Expect a long line and arrive early for a table. It deserves its name. Seattle Center Armory, free.

Reminder: Enter to win tickets to the Seattle Modern House Tour below. Just post a picture of your dream home by clicking the discussion box and then the appearing "upload images" icon.

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